External venetian blinds

External blinds are a modern and elegant product that changes the nature of the building facade, giving it a more interesting and modern image. They protect the interior of the building against excessive sunlight, providing an effective barrier allowing to maintain a stable temperature in the room as well as give you additional mean of security to your building. Appropriate adjustment of the interior dimming and heat transfer are provided by the adjustment of the slat inclination angle. In addition, they effectively eliminate excessive noise.

Venetian blinds are great solutions for those looking for exclusive design elements and appreciating the advantages of passive cooling.

System SN5000 for external venetian blinds is aimed at customers with the most modern house designs. Maintaining thermal parameters with a modern design and the blind “hidden” in the wall. All this thanks to the possible construction of the insulated box on both sides and slender two-part guides.

Standard C-shaped lamella are most popular with customers due to their delicate and simple design.Customers who want even more advanced solutions choose Z-shaped lamella with several unique features: Z-slats are designed so that when the maximum slat tilt is set, the window blindly darkens, but by adjusting the intermediate slat angle, the angle of sunlight entering is adjusted. In this way, the desired amount of light is set indoors, but the heat traveling with the sun’s rays is stopped outside and does not get inside as the incoming rays first bounce off the blinds lamella.  

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