Rolling insect screens

Rolling insect screens equipped with spring mechanism are an alternative for high windows as well as balcony doors. They are structurally prepared for the installation under each type of windows.

The main advantage of the system is that insect screen can be lowered or raised at any time, also there is no need for dismantling it for winter. The cassette and the guide rails are of small sizes, as a result of which the insect screen is aesthetic.


Integrated mosquito net in roller shutters

Integrated insect screens are installed in the roller blind package, so they do not take up extra space and no external system elements are visible from the outside. The net is operated separately by hand, so regardless of the position of the blinds, you can adjust the insect screen separately as required.

Roller shutter version with a mosquito net effectively protects the room against insects, as well as any kinds of pollen, leaves and dirt. At the same time it does not limit access to fresh air and daylight.


Framed insect screens / Doors with insect screens

We can offer conventional framed insect screens and doors with insect screens